Liberty Composting, Inc.

High volume, Class A Exceptional Quality compost production facility processing organic feedstocks such as biosolids, green waste, food waste, food processing waste, and manure operating 24/7 as one of North America's largest permitted composting sites.

Liberty Composting, Inc. has been composting in Kern County, California since 1989 and produces a very high quality Class A compost. Liberty is committed to the recycling of organic products to produce a finished product beneficial to the agricultural communities of the Central Valley, serving Southern California, the Central Valley, the Central Coast and the Bay Area. The facility consists of reception areas, active composting pads for the various feedstocks, screening and product areas, and a biosolids storage/transfer area (up to six months). Composting 3 turnersLouie Garcia, LCI Site Manager Louie Garcia, LCI Site Manager Photo of Lalo  Archuleta Lalo  Archuleta, LCI Scale Master Liberty Composting Team PFRP - Process to Futher Reduce Pathogenslogistics trucksAerial view of Liberty Composting site Click to go to a scaleable image of the site Liberty Composting is an all-weather site capable of receiving and processing material throughout the year regardless of weather conditions. The composting facility is permitted to accept 2,153 tons of biosolids, green waste and organics per day, with a daily peak loading capacity of 4,305 tons. With a maximum annual capacity for biosolids, green waste and other organic residuals of 786,000 tons (1,310,000 cubic yards), Liberty is one of the largest permitted composting sites in North America.

Additionally, Liberty is permitted as a Storage and Transfer Facility capable of storing up to 196,500 tons of class B biosolids annually. With the ability to store and transfer, Liberty has the flexibility and redundancy to store and subsequently transfer biosolids at any time of the year to meet weather conditions and the cropping schedules of our compost customers. Liberty Composting is fully permitted to receive all forms of non-hazardous biosolids, green waste, food waste, liquid waste and other organic residuals. Permits include; CalRecycle (Full Solid Waste Facility Permit), San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District (Authority to Construct/Permit to Operate and Emission Control Plan).Regional Water Quality Control Board (Waste Discharge Requirements), and Conditional Use Permit issued by Kern County. Liberty insures its compost is suitable for a wide variety of end uses by requiring biosolids accepted for processing to be certified as non-hazardous, per 22CCR, Division 4.5, Chapter 11, Article 3. Aerial view of Liberty Composting

Liberty looks forward to providing an unparalleled biosolids and other organics recycling service. Liberty is a full service reuse company that offers a sustainable turnkey service (cleanout, loading, transportation, processing and end use) or processing and end use only, according to its customer's needs.

Lalo Archuleta,
Scale Master, Liberty Composting, Inc.
Louie Garcia,
Site Manager,
Liberty Composting, Inc.