Liberty Ranch

The ranch produces feed and fiber crops utilizing compost from
Liberty Composting as a primary input into agricultural production
enhancing carbon capture.

Jay Miller, Ranch Manager Jay Miller, Ranch Manager Irrigation canal and cropsWheat_LibertyRanchLiberty Ranch (LR) is a 22,000 acre ranch located in Kings County, California, producing row crops. LR uses the Class A Exceptional Quality compost produced by LCI as a significant input for crop production. Compost utilization provides vital soil nutrients and serves as a soil amendment improving soil physical structure and facilitating strong, healthy plant growth. LR was established on a foundation of sustainability and has been using compost and direct applied organic materials in crop production since 1994. The experienced and dedicated people who operate LR have used these years of experience to refine our farming practices. One clear objective has been to maximize benefits derived from organic waste streams while enhancing sustainability and lowering operating costs.

LR has sufficient acreage and crop rotation to utilize LCI’s entire annual compost production up to and including LCI’s permitted capacity of 786,000 tons of throughput. Liberty Ranch produces feed and fiber crops which are not for direct human consumption.

LR has constructed a water system that contains all water within the ranch. This self contained water system effectively mitigates any risk of claims that the compost spreading operation on Liberty Ranch has harmed any water supplies or land. Additionally, long term control of the compost utilization site reduces the long term risk of potentially incompatible future land uses. These risk mitigation features contribute to LR’s long term sustainability.